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KC and the Keep Well Kids Club

Krafty Kids

Before You Start…

  • First, ask an adult for permission before you start a project.
  • If you don’t understand the directions, always ask for help.
  • If the directions require scissors, knives or other objects that may be dangerous, ask an adult to assist.
  • Get all the materials together before you begin.
  • Crafts can be messy! Always pick up after you’re finished, and clean the table or counter.  If you do this every time, you may be allowed to do crafts more often.

OK! now create something…

Autumn Tree

Make this simple paper project that will brighten your day, or make a lovely gift to cheer up a friend!

Butterfly Pencil Topper

Fun and easy to make! A great way to use all of your small scraps of paper or craft foam.

Springy Jack-O-Lantern

These are decorated for Halloween, but you can make these lanterns and decorate them any way you’d like!

Alphabet Book

Use our letter template to make an alphabet book, stapled or tied together with ribbon.  Cut out pictures of items or words that begin with the letter.  Hours of quiet fun!